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Always striving for excellence

Always striving for excellence

At Nowa, our reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of excellence. That’s why we are so pleased when our clients say they’re satisfied with our products and services. Here is a testimony we have received recently:

“I recently upgraded my Nowa Classic to a Nowa 360. This company deserves ten stars for customer service and quality products. My installation was more complicated than normal since I was merging an older version of Nowa with a new much improved controller, and adding fifteen new sensors, for a total of twenty. (Sensors small enough to be placed under dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, behind toilets and under sinks). What I thought would be a complicated process was rendered seamless with the help of Anthony at Nowa customer support. Not only did Nowa help me with concise and clear instructions, but they were also able to correct and validate all my settings. My home is now monitored through the Nowa phone app. If a sensor is triggered, the main water valve will shut, and I will get an instant notification with the precise location of the problem. Not only is my home insurance lower, but more importantly I have peace of mind knowing that I am protected from expensive water damage. Nowa 360 is truly a smart investment!”

Our solid track record has been built on the reliability of our products and on our team’s top-quality service. We are committed to offering unrivalled reliability and to forging excellent trust relationships with our clients.

If you have yet to experience all the benefits of Nowa 360 or should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!