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Times of extreme cold can seriously damage water pipes.

Prevent frozen pipes with nowa

When your plumbing pipes freeze, the risk of water damage increases. To avoid unpleasant surprises, install the NOWA 4S water leak detector. Not only this small device prevents damage by stopping any water leak in its tracks, but it also alerts the occupants when room temperature drops and allows you to quickly take action.

To prevent possible freezing of the pipes, the built-in temperature sensor notifies you as soon as it goes below 5°C (41°F). Just a few seconds after detecting the presence of water, the water leak and freeze detector sends a signal to a valve that shuts off water supply in addition to reporting the leak on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

If NOWA is now the brand most often recommended by insurers when it comes to water damage protection, it’s because they’re confident that a detected leak won’t turn into a claim.

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