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New image. Same reliability.

Nowa Première marque de confiance

Our customers and resellers have noticed a change in our brand image. We have created our new visual identity to better reflect our closely held values: reliability, design, and ease of use.

Our promise

is at the heart of this change

NOWA’s expertise is both very specific and extremely reassuring: water damage protection is our focus. Our promise is the reason our customers give us their continued trust: TO PROTECT WHAT NEEDS TO STAY DRY. For this reason, our new image colours represent both sand that blocks and absorbs moisture, and water.

Thus, our colour code, logo, and graphics have been updated. They are more modern, sleek, and are based on simplicity. They are perfectly suited to our NOWA 360 and NOWA 4S line of products, which are designed specifically to simply harmonize with all styles.

But most of all, these visual changes are intended to evoke NOWA’s constant and reassuring presence. The NOWA seal indicates that we will always be there, protecting property whether a leak occurs now, while you are away, or 10 years from now.

The pioneer

NOWA is your guarantee of quality, durability and reliability, with a solid reputation based on more than 15 years of experience. NOWA is the first and most reliable system able to stop water damage. The company is also the most recommended by Canadian insurers. The changes to our image remain faithful to our reputation as experts and enable us to showcase our credibility. These changes highlight the innovative nature of our products, services, and image since our very beginnings—opening the door for more exciting new developments!

For information about our products or our company, feel free to contact us.