It’s all about trust.

Aqua-Protec’s promise to its customers is anchored in robust and high-quality components that meet the highest security standards. These features make it the perfect solution for protecting your home.

Control panel

The control panel is the unit’s brain. It activates and deactivates the sealing system and informs you of its status and any incidents as they occur.

The system is linked to a backup battery in the event of a power outage. The battery can keep Aqua-Protec fully operational for over a week. Aqua-Protec notifies you in advance when the battery stops retaining its charge and needs to be replaced.

The control panel records every action it takes. A menu provides access to the history of all backup incidents so you know when and for how long Aqua-Protec has protected your home.

  • Backup battery with a life span of 4 to 5 years
  • Power supply plugs into a regular 120 V socket
  • Indicator light displays system status
  • Incident history is recorded
  • Built-in alarm

Sealing system

The retractable pneumatic sealing module (RPSM) is a fully automated device that requires no human intervention to seal the drain pipe. It protects your home at all times, even in the most extreme situations.

The system is designed for simple and easy maintenance. The sealing module can be removed from the clean-out fitting quickly and easily. The balloon is also easy to replace.

To optimize operation, do not exceed the service life of the retractable pneumatic sealing module. The control panel will notify you when the balloon needs to be replaced. See the installation section for more information on replacing the sealing module.

  • 100% automated
  • Retractable pneumatic sealing system (RPSM balloon)
  • Detection sensors integrated into the sealing system
  • Automated weekly self-test

Sensor points

The sealing system is equipped with three sophisticated sensors designed to detect water with pinpoint precision in a matter of seconds. The three sensors are always in contact with the control panel. The wired connection is direct, reliable, and ultra-fast. So when a sewer backup is detected, Aqua-Protec immediately switches to alert mode and triggers an alarm. The new status is displayed on the screen. The master unit automatically switches back to standby mode 30 minutes after the sensors stop detecting water.