Three plans
in line with
your business

NOWA+ certification confers special status on dealers of NOWA systems. Have access to all the tools and support you need to increase your direct sales and cross-selling opportunities. Get a level of certification that protects and increases the perceived value of your work.

Certification plans of the NOWA+ program

The program was designed based on the levels of commitment of our partners. You may choose between any of these three possibilities, and you can evolve over time.

Generate revenue

Start selling and installing NOWA systems to meet demand—it’s easy and commitment-free. Get refresher training and technical support when you need it.

  • Online training
  • Telephone interview
  • Purchase and installation 1 kit

Accelerate your growth

Take full advantage of the growing demand and our reputation to boost your top line. Enjoy full use of our sales tools and benefit from working closely with our experts.

  • Meeting with a representative
  • Analysis of your business model
  • Have sold and installed 25 units
  • Access to the portal
  • Referral program

Reach new heights

Make NOWA the core of your business model and become the focus of our development strategy. Benefit from additional tools and warm leads, and take part in brainstorming activities to explore new possibilities.

  • Specialized training
  • Dedicated representative
  • Condo tower expert
  • More than 5 major projects
  • Referrals ++
  • Rewards program