Add value
to your projects

Claims from water damage create a strong demand for protection systems. This demand has also been spurred by insurers rushing to limit their risks. The NOWA+ dealer program is designed for plumbers and builders who have their finger on the pulse and are looking to capitalize on this great business opportunity.

The NOWA+ program is an easy way to generate more income without having to change how you work. It’s a great way to grow your business with little effort and at little cost.


You enjoy many benefits.

  • Benefit from new sales that only require basic plumbing work.
  • Generate recurring annual income that goes directly into your pockets.
  • Ensure the future of your business by adding products and services that make use of new technologies.
  • Simplify your demanding daily schedule while being supported in your growth.

Why NOWA is a strong partner

With NOWA, you have the support of a comprehensive program and a leader in water damage protection.


We support all our partners in their business development by selling a reliable system with a low risk of service calls.

We put all NOWA’s units and parts through rigorous verification and control mechanisms, testing their reliability before they’re packaged and sold. And we support you as a partner so that you can maintain the highest installation standards.


The performance and look of the products in a NOWA system are designed to accelerate your sales, not hinder them.

Our team stays on top of all the latest advances and is constantly testing and improving the reliability, functionality, and coverage of our systems. We go to great lengths to make sure our products are easy to use and easy on the eyes.


We work hard to make sure our reputation is a major driver of natural sales for all our partner dealers.

A growing number of engineers and architects are making NOWA systems an integral part of their technical specifications. NOWA is also increasingly recommended by insurers as a high-quality solution installed by qualified professionals.