One less worry!

Always at work. Always.

Aqua-Protec is the only sealing system for sanitary and storm sewers that automatically activates itself. It eliminates any possibility of backup, regardless how much water or how long the rise in water level lasts. It’s got your back 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sewer backups are
stopped in their tracks
in just 30 seconds.


Ultrafast detection and reaction at all times

The three detection points, control panel, and sealing module are wired together for efficient and effective communication. Backups are detected immediately, within five seconds, triggering the balloon system, which inflates and secures your home in less than 30 seconds.


Sturdy. It can take the pressure.

Once activated, the sealing system remains in operation as long as the water level is high. If necessary, the system can withstand enormous pressure for weeks. Aqua-Protec does not fail, even under the pressure of an over 25-foot (7.5 meter) water column—the water buildup caused by a tsunami.

The balloon inflates at a 45-degree angle, taking advantage of the “Y” shape of the cleanout fitting. When inflated, the Aqua-Protec system creates a barrier that cannot be broken by water pressure.


Automated system

Operation is fully automated and requires no homeowner maintenance. When Aqua-Protec is on standby, ready to stop a backup, the pipe is completely clear (pipe unobstructed as normal), eliminating any risk of debris interfering with operation. The sealing balloon immediately inflates when water is detected in the drainage pipe. And once the water recedes, the balloon deflates and returns to its normal position.


Continually tested.
Always ready!

Whether a backup occurs now or in 10 years, Aqua-Protec will always be there to protect you.


Aqua-Protec ensures long-term reliability with weekly self-testing. The system checks its components, software, and battery operation every week. The master unit launches partial inflation of the sensor balloon to detect air leaks. Testing is automatic and does not block the drain pipe.

Backup battery. In the event of a power outage, a long-lasting backup battery takes over and can keep the system running for over a week.


Made to work together

Aqua-Protec goes even further when connected to an alarm system or a smart home’s hub such as a Nowa 360.


By connecting Aqua-Protec to an alarm system, remote monitoring center, or radio frequency alarm, you get 24-hour monitoring that alerts you as soon as an incident occurs.

Aqua-Protec automatically shuts off your home’s main water line in the event of a backup.* It protects you against flooding from inside the house.

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*Only with Nowa 360 system