Smart protection against water

NOWA is the only reliable system to be able to stop water damage at source. That’s precisely what’s reassuring with NOWA: you’re notified that a leak has been stopped, not that water damage is taking place. And the system allows you to have remote control of your main water valve in order to further minimize the risks.


Stopped instantly. Notified instantly.

NOWA 360 informs you immediately by notification or email that a leak has been stopped. You know the specific time and exact location of the leak. You are brought directly to the right place to correct the problem at source without having to waste time localizing the leak.


Keep things in hand, wherever you are.

You’re far from home and you forgot to shut off the water main? Thanks to the NOWA 360 app, you can remotely control the opening and closing of your main water valve. Turn it off if needed, then turn it on again when you’re back home.

Streamlined interface. Easy to install. Enjoyable to use. The app simplifies your life and gives you full control at your fingertips. Available for free for iOS and Android devices.


Wherever you go, NOWA knows when to shut the water off.

NOWA 360 knows when you're away through geolocation and shuts off your main valve as soon as you leave. You can’t forget—you don’t even have to think about it.

Your main water valve shuts off as soon as you're more than a preset distance away. You can also use additional settings like scheduled or delayed shutoff, or have the system respond only when no one’s home or when the alarm system is armed.

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