Enjoy a reassuring presence at your side, before, during and after an installation.

NOWA PRESENCE is the most complete and reassuring water damage prevention plan on the market. In addition to benefiting from the industry's most advanced water leak detection and control system, you can count on expert and technology support when you need it.



Multiple self-tests constantly prepare the system for any eventuality. They confirm that NOWA is ready to intervene when it really counts. This proactive support also includes an online portal that allows you to view and manage the status of your system in real time.

The PRESENCE service includes:

Access to the PRESENCE portal on the cloud

  • You gain instant visibility into the state of health of your system
  • Fully hosted in Canada and with highly secure infrastructure
  • Easy to use and synched in real time

Daily monitoring and self-testing of all sensors

Weekly monitoring and self-testing of the valve

Continuously improved and evolving technology

Monthly connectivity reports

Annual compliance reports that can be submitted to your insurer



After installation, you are never left alone with our PRESENCE service. NOWA’s team synchronizes remotely, monitoring your system at all times. You are taken care of by a personalized service that provides you with all the support you need to protect your property and assets.

The PRESENCE service includes:

Customer service from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays

24/7 technical support for emergencies

Remote monitoring of your system by NOWA’s team

  • Maintain 100% functional infrastructure
  • Keeping panels and sensors 100% connected

Ongoing support

  • Development of customized solutions
  • Ongoing training for your condominium corporation
  • Support in answering questions from co-owners


4S system
The fourth-generation NOWA 4S system allows you to take full advantage of our PRESENCE service.

360° system
Do you have a NOWA 360 system? You can upgrade to enjoy the benefits of our PRESENCE service.



NOWA’s PRESENCE service ensures risk-free continuity by leveraging the full potential of the new generation of NOWA 4S water leak detection and control systems. Unlike older generation systems using Wi-Fi, this new NOWA system communicates via an LTE cellular network. The advantages of this approach are undeniable:

No Wi-Fi network, whether personal or mesh, provides you with as reliable service continuity as an LTE network. With PRESENCE, you are safe from momentary Wi-Fi outages due to maintenance or human error that may go unnoticed, such as changing a password or unplugging a router.

Each control panel has its own SIM card and direct link to the LTE cellular network. This way, each condominium in a building communicates independently with the cloud portal without the need for a potentially risky and costly Wi-Fi infrastructure.

In real time
Data is synced to the cloud in real time. Any change in the status of one of the control panels or a sensor in any of the condominiums in your building is detected and automatically updated on both the cloud portal and the manager's devices. You and the NOWA PRESENCE team are immediately notified of any incident.



The PRESENCE service is designed to make installation easier and faster than ever before. By choosing PRESENCE, you eliminate the tasks that can make work on site more complex. Plus, you'll reduce the time and cost of installation.

Installation in three simple steps.

Step 1 : Installation of the automated valve and control panel by a certified plumber.

Step 2 : Positioning of sensors according to the protection plan and pairing with the control panel.

Step 3 : Activate and sync the control panel with the PRESENCE cloud portal via an LTE network.

Everything that is removed from the equation is a gain for you.

No technological infrastructure is required. No cabling work. No router or Wi-Fi access point. No connection to the condominiums' Wi-Fi network. No need to drill into walls or concrete slabs to run wires. We install a ready-to-use system. As soon as it is plugged in, it is ready to sync with the cloud portal.



The correlation between the installation of a NOWA system and the reduction of water damage claims is direct—and the financial impact can be significant. Deductibles for claims are drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated. You may not experience any increase in your annual insurance premiums; oftentimes, they are immediately reduced*. In other words, instead of dipping into your funds, you generate wealth that can be reinvested into your building or services.

*For the vast majority of insurers.

Ask for your personalized assessment.

What do insurers think?

Water-related claims have become the leading cause of uninsured condominiums. Today, it is common to see a condominium become uninsured. Insurers meticulously calculate the risk that you represent and the cost of this risk. Therefore, they have moved to another level; they focus on detecting water leaks and maintaining the connectivity of the system you choose. The PRESENCE service fully meets their demands.


Implementing a NOWA system in all your condominium units immediately stabilizes your insurable risk with most insurers.


Buying a condominium is a significant investment you will finance over several years. We believe that your protection against water damage must be able to cover you. NOWA’s PRESENCE service is designed with prevention and protection in mind—all the time and for the long haul.

  • Products that evolve over time
  • First-class service without interruption or expiry dates
  • Low cost of ownership and easy to finance

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