The brand people
trust first

NOWA is the very first brand to have proven itself in water damage prevention. It was the first to be recognized by insurers for its great reliability. In fact, many of them find it so reliable that they have chosen it to protect their own buildings. The NOWA system is a proven technology that we’re constantly improving. It’s also a first-class service that will never leave you stranded after installation is complete.

Recognized by insurers

How does it work?

NOWA detects and controls water leaks. By the time it notifies you of an incident, the worst has already been prevented. You can rest easy or leave with your peace of mind intact. Take a look at this video to see how it works.

Designed for owners
and managers alike

Choosing NOWA and one of its authorized installers means choosing a solution that has been developed to protect every owner, but also to make life easier for the condominium board’s managers. And the development is just beginning.

Condo owners

As a condo owner, the last thing you need is for a leak from your neighbour’s unit to create a mess in your own. Nor do you want the opposite to happen. And you value your privacy. Here’s why you’re making the right choice by choosing a NOWA certified installer:

  • Next-generation system with proven reliability
  • Lower insurance premiums*
  • Sleek, modern look that blends in with your decor
  • Panel with super-easy-to-use screen
  • Hybrid technology that draws on both LTE and Wi-Fi networks
  • No need to drill through your walls or floors
  • App compatible with iOS and Android systems
  • No battery replacement costs for 10 years

Condo board managers

As a condo board manager, you are responsible for protecting the integrity of the building and managing the self-insurance fund. We get it—it’s a big responsibility. Here’s why you’re making the right choice by choosing a NOWA certified installer:

  • Highly reliable, #1 insurer recommended system
  • Remote system monitoring by our team
  • 24/7 technical support for managers
  • Remote updates without any action required on your end
  • Annual and monthly reports for your insurer
  • Centralized management portal for all units
  • Safe, multi-layered account management
  • Protection of your self-insurance fund

You are
under our protection.

As a condominium association or homeowner, you want more than a system that detects and stops water leaks—first and foremost, you look for safety. And that’s what you’ll be getting with NOWA’s reassuring support through its PRESENCE service.

The class-leading water damage prevention system management platform

Our PRESENCE service gives you automatic access to a modern app that allows easy, secure, and centralized management of all the units in the building.

Make the comparison.

Link to the online platform LTE + WI-FI WI-FI
Panel display YES NO
Mobile app YES YES
Battery life – sensors 10-YEAR warranty NO warranty
Backup batteries – panels Rechargeable NON-rechargeable
Self-testing – sensors Daily NO*
Real-time valve monitoring YES NO
Valve maintenance Weekly NO*
Updated, scalable system YES NO*
SMS and email notification YES YES
Remote control YES NO*
Encryption at source YES NO
Redundant data storage in Canada YES NO*
Made in Canada YES NO*
24/7 support for emergencies YES NO
Monthly connectivity reports YES NO
Annual reports for insurers YES NO

*Some products

Ask the right questions.

A simple guide to the important questions you should ask your representatives to help you make the best choice for you


*Some products

Putting off prevention:
the numbers speak for themselves.

Repeated water damage claims can cause premiums to skyrocket and drain the self-insurance fund. As premiums and deductibles increase, a condominium’s financial situation can become unsustainable and the building uninsurable. In other words, protecting yourself against water damage with NOWA is also a preventive measure that’s good for your finances. You’ll benefit from immediate discounts*, in addition to stabilizing your expenses over the medium and long term.

Changes in insurance costs



Post-installation costs

NOWA installation

*The vast majority of insurers reduce their premiums when a NOWA system is installed.

Downloadable documents

We’ve prepared some documents for you, including checklists to learn about the advantages of NOWA and how it works. The “Ask the Right Questions” guide will help you evaluate the solutions on the market.

Looking for more than just documents?

Contact your authorized installer for details on quotes, installation dates, and technical details.

Your authorized installer

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