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Leave your chalet with peace of mind

nowa 360

You don’t want water damage to occur at home—nor do you want to experience it at your cottage! Whether or not your insurer requires a detection system, being protected gives you peace of mind and eliminates the possibility of a disaster that can potentially be very costly.

Leave your cottage or vacation property without worry. Nowa stops leaks instantly, automatically, in just a fraction of a second.

Washer, water heater, dishwasher—you can put a Nowa wireless sensor wherever there’s a risk. You get an email, alert, or text to inform you that something happened and at worst, there is a little puddle to mop up.

Nowa 360 is particularly relevant at your chalet since by definition, you are more likely to be away from it in comparison with your home. We can even add an electrical switch to control your water pump.

Learn more about how Nowa 360 works and contact us to keep your chalet safe!