Take care
of business.

Water’s off the table.

NOWA protects your assets day and night. Water leaks can happen inside or outside business hours, but why let that mess up your workday?

It pays to avoid the worst

The financial burden of water damage often exceeds what your insurance will cover. NOWA shuts the door on that problem and any related damage.

Accidental damage and wear and tear on common areas, stairs, elevators, and other areas caused by restoration contractors

Loss of income from temporary closure of some or all your operations

Temporary relocation of employees or tenants

Productivity loss for employees having to work in new surroundings possibly less suited to their works

Fewer emergencies to deal with—you’re backed by the most reliable detection technology going and by a remote control of the valve


Advanced features for businesses.

The NOWA business solution gives you advanced technology that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Sprinkler freeze detection

Frozen sprinkler systems can cause significant damage on several floors. But the NOWA with temperature sensors alerts you to freezing in time to avoid that worst-case scenario.

Control by area

Your NOWA master unit can handle up to 64 separate detectors, so you can divide a building into separate areas. Water only needs to be shut off in part of the building if a leak occurs, so it only affects some of your tenants.

Expanded detection

Put a perimeter detector above a suspended ceiling or along the walls to protect equipment from above or over the entire floor space, for example of a server room.


Pencil NOWA into your plans.

NOWA’s electric valve was designed to work with the actuator removed as well. That means you can easily incorporate it into your construction plans to make your buildings even more attractive.

With NOWA, minimize breakages and premature wear and have an extra selling point thanks to safety features that inspire trust.s

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Lower insurance premiums

Water damage is the most common insurance claim and one of the most costly. Your insurance carrier knows that better than anyone. Ask about the premium reductions you’re entitled to with a NOWA system.

Many insurance companies now recognize the protection of NOWA.