NOWA protects against water and loss of insurance.

Have a NOWA system installed to make sure you never lose your home insurance.

NOWA is the first water damage prevention system to help you maintain or recover your insurability. Most major Canadian insurers now recognize installation of a NOWA 4S system as sufficient grounds to maintain or reinstate insurance coverage for a condominium building, even after a series of water damage incidents.

Going with the system most recommended by insurers is a wise decision.


Think you might be at risk of losing your insurance or already an insurance outcast? Our experts can help you explore your options and fully prepare you for dealing with insurers.

Reduce premiums and deductibles.

Why wait until you’re at risk of losing your insurance before taking action? From preventing damage to protecting your property, a NOWA 4S system offers major advantages from day one. The NOWA system is so reliable, it can lower your insurance premium from the first year it’s installed,* reduce your deductible in case of damage, and protect your self-insurance fund.

*The vast majority of Canadian insurers reduce the premium when a NOWA 4S system is installed.

Is it possible to lose your insurance?

Yes, it is. Water-related claims have skyrocketed in recent years, forcing insurers to impose stricter conditions. The result? Not only are premiums and deductibles exploding, but it’s no longer uncommon for insurers to refuse to cover a condo building. This results in what are called “insurance outcasts.”

Isn’t home insurance mandatory?

Yes, but just because owners are required to insure their homes, that doesn’t mean insurance companies are required to insure them. So “insurance outcasts” often get stuck with extremely expensive options, including dealing with international insurers. This can put the condominium in an unsustainable financial position.

How do I know if I’m at risk?

If the building has had multiple insurance claims for water damage, you could be at risk. But it’s a hard question to answer accurately without taking a closer look at your situation. Prevention is the best way to limit this type of risk. And the best preventive measure is to install a NOWA 4S, the system most recommended by major Canadian insurers.

Do insurers have the right to require water damage protection?

Yes, they do. A growing number of insurers are requiring their clients to take preventive measures. One such measure is a water leak detection system that automatically shuts off water in common and private areas if a leak is detected. Insurers can make this a condition for renewing a policy and maintaining the coverage the condo association needs.


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How the NOWA system works

The NOWA 4S system detects and stops water leaks at source. It notifies you of an incident before the worst can happen. It’s the most sophisticated, user-friendly water damage prevention system on the market. And the most recommended by insurers.


Plus, it comes with the best app around.

With NOWA, you have access to the most advanced and sophisticated water damage prevention system management platform on the market. With it you can securely manage and control your NOWA 4S system remotely, no matter how many units are linked to it.


Technology is just the beginning.

You’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with technical support that synchronizes remotely with your system in real time! Welcome to water damage prevention service that never lets you down.


The strongest network of installers

When you have your NOWA water damage prevention system installed by a certified installer, you can be sure you’ll get the best installation and the best possible service for your system.