Condominium owners want more than a system that detects and stops water leaks–They are looking for security. They find it thanks to the commitment of a company that protects them. And that commitment starts with our PRESENCE service.

Protect what needs to stay dry

Don't leave water damage prevention to the discretion of each condominium owner. By dividing this responsibility, you multiply your risk factors. NOWA's PRESENCE service protects both individual condominium owners and the integrity of the building. PRESENCE secures your self-insurance funds and brings you long-term peace of mind.





Developed for condominiums

PRESENCE brings together all condominiums in a single protection plan. Customers can access a common portal for ultra- simple management. And since the protection is linked to the building, it is easily transferable.

The difference of real support by your side.

When you install a NOWA system, you are never left to your own devices. We monitor your situation in real time. Our service representatives are available at all times. It's as if we were still in the building even after installation!

Available to all. Existing and future customers.

Our PRESENCE service is compatible with next-generation solutions, as well as legacy systems thanks to the possibility of upgrades.


PRESENCE offers seamlessly continuity, is quick and easy to install, and generates long-term ROI.

Always choose a PREVCAN member.

By choosing a PREVCAN member, you ensure that your systems are compliant and that your insurer will recognize the technology. This recognition is essential to receiving financial benefits, such as reduced premiums and deductibles.

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