Detecting water leaks without stopping them isn’t enough.

Nowa’s mission is to develop advanced solutions that protect buildings and infrastructures from water damage.

Nowa at a glance


Over 100 skilled, professional dealers

RF protocol

Used in over 5 million products worldwide

Staying ahead in the industry

Our products and systems are developed by an active R&D department. Our team stays on top of all the latest advances in the field and is constantly testing and improving the reliability, functionality, detection performance, and ease of use of our detection and control systems.

The most frequently recommended systems

Nowa is a recognized leader in smart water damage protection for residential and commercial properties. A growing number of engineering and architectural firms are making Nowa solutions an integral part of their technical specifications. Nowa systems are also increasingly recommended by insurers.


Developed and tested in Canada

For owners, our products are the last line of defense. So there’s no room for error. That’s why we put the design and reliability of our systems through rigorous verification and control mechanisms. Each unit is tested before it’s packaged and sold.