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is covered.

Water’s no longer a worry for your family.

Water damage is almost impossible to predict. That’s why NOWA protects your home day and night without any action required on your part. It doesn’t matter if nobody is at home when a water leak or sewer backup happens; it won’t be a problem.

Avoiding the worst is the best way to go.

Water damage is often quite a tragedy in the life of a family. Its impact goes way beyond what is apprehended, and even the best insurance protection can’t replace everything.

Everything is not covered and chances are that in addition to the deductible, some costly equipments or materials will be at your expense.

The turmoil generated in day-to-day life is often underestimated and affects the quality of life for weeks, and even months.

Your irreplaceable assets such as photos and family memories are part of the losses that an insurer can’t replace.

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Security worth its weight in gold

Water damage can happen to anyone, at any time. In fact, virtually all homeowners will experience it at one time or another. It’s no accident that there is now a full-fledged clause on water in most home insurance policies. By protecting your home with NOWA, you will not only help maintain your property’s value, you’ll also make sure it’s insurable.

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NOWA saves you money year after year.

Your insurance provider knows better than anyone how water damage may be costly. Many insurance companies give you a discount on your premium once you’ve installed NOWA systems.


Water is responsible for more than 95%* of insurance claims. Sewer backups have been on the rise for the last 10 years, generating each year more than 450,000 insurance claims. Clearly, water damage is the most common insurance claim and one of the most costly.

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* Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada