Now water leaks ≠ water damage

NOWA detects and controls leaks. When it notifies you, the worst has already been avoided. So rest easy. And leave the house worry-free.


Your best defence when every second counts.

Washer, water heater, dishwasher—you can put a NOWA wireless sensor wherever there’s a risk. At the first sign of a leak, the sensor alerts the control panel


NOWA stops leaks, instantly, automatically.

Your NOWA control panel triggers the electric valve to shut off the water main in just a fraction of a second. The leak is stopped just like that—wherever it originated. The worst? Never happened.


You’re notified, not alarmed.

You get an email, alert, or text to inform you that something happened and your main water valve has been safely shut off. The damage? At worst, a little puddle to mop up. Life goes on. No panic. No hassles.s

Stop water damage at source

Thanks to its control panel which automatically triggers the electric valve to shut off the water main, NOWA is the only reliable system to be able to stop water damage at source.

Proven technology

NOWA never sleeps. Find out just how ready our technology is to deal with a potential emergency at any moment.

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Smart system

NOWA has a vast array of features, including those that allow you to remotely control the valve and to detect your absence.

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Easy to install

NOWA is quick and easy to install in any home, residence, condo, or commercial building.

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