NOWA 4S : Water leak detection and control system

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Introducing the latest in water damage protection.
Simpler. Safer.

NOWA 4S is a fourth-generation water leak detection and control system. Including many improvements in design, functionality and safety, NOWA 4S has been entirely designed to be simple and safe. And it is 100% compatible with NOWA's PRESENCE service.


The class-leading water damage prevention system management app

Remotely manage and control your NOWA 4S water damage prevention systems. When you subscribe to the PRESENCE service, you get a modern app that enables centralized management of all condominiums, all commercial buildings, or any other protected dwelling.


It's anything but complicated.

A new, modern look. A sleek design that fits in with any style of home. But the simplicity of NOWA 4S is not just a matter of appearance. The system has been designed to make life easier for users and installers.

Designed for the user experience

NOWA 4S is easy to learn because it reflects what our customers want. An intuitive interface and features without the complexities. This is our greatest achievement in ease of use.

  • As simple as three taps
  • Only the functionalities requested by users
  • An advanced and evolving system that is constantly updated

The only solution that leverages the power of the screen

The new NOWA 4S system is the only one on the market to date that offers a guided touchscreen process to indicate what is happening if an incident occurs and assist in using and troubleshooting the unit.

  • You know exactly what is going on
  • Visual description of incidents
  • Clear identification of the sensor in the event of a water leak
  • User's guide integrated into the device

Hybrid and practically plug-and-play

By leveraging both the LTE cellular network and Wi-Fi, the NOWA 4S system makes installation easier than ever. Plug it in and configure it—that’s all.

  • No complex technology infrastructure
  • No wiring
  • No drilling in the walls or the concrete slab


Data security and continuity

Unlike previous generations of systems that communicated only via Wi-Fi, NOWA 4S also draws on the power and reliability of the cellular network to synchronize each system with the portal in real time.

LTE cellular network as standard

No Wi-Fi network by itself, whether personal or meshed, can offer the same reliable continuity of service as NOWA’s hybrid technology combining LTE cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Just like your cell phone, your panel stays connected without interruption. No more risks of Wi-Fi outages due to maintenance, password changes, or unplugged routers.

  • SIM card in each and every control panel
  • Synchronization with portal at all times

Enhanced data protection

Implementing the latest technologies gives you peace of mind in terms of protecting the data collected by your system. We focus our efforts on maintaining a level of security that exceeds industry standards.

  • Hardware encryption on a circuit isolated from other components
  • Compliance with the highest technology safety standards
  • Compliance with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security’s recommendations

Benefit from a two-year limited warranty on the NOWA 4S system.


Stopped instantly. Notified instantly.

NOWA 4S informs you immediately by notification or email that a leak has been stopped. You know the specific time and exact location of the leak. You are brought directly to the right place to correct the problem at source without having to waste time localizing the leak.


Keep things in hand, wherever you are.

You’re far from home and you forgot to shut off the water main? Thanks to the NOWA 4S app, you can remotely control the opening and closing of your main water valve. Turn it off if needed, then turn it on again when you’re back home.

Streamlined interface. Easy to install. Enjoyable to use. The app simplifies your life and gives you full control at your fingertips. Available for free for iOS and Android devices.


Always tested. Always ready!

The system generates routine self-tests by itself. This ensures that the valve and all sensors are operational when it really counts.

Daily detection tests

The control panel initiates the sensors to check if they are working properly. The minute one of the sensors does not respond to the test, you are notified with the precise information.

Weekly shutoff tests

The control panel commands the electric ball valve to make one complete revolution. This simple rotation keeps the ball free of accumulated deposits and extends the valve's life by over 100 years.

Very long-life batteries

The high-performance lithium batteries built into NOWA sensors offer a 10-year life span—a standard that is rarely equalled. The system alerts you that a battery is reaching its end of useful life before it fails.


Advanced capabilities

All NOWA systems are known for their high detection reliability, versatility and ease of use.

Pinpoint freeze detection

The NOWA sensor's built-in temperature sensor watches out for freezing wherever you want it to. You’re notified of a risk of freezing if the temperature goes below 5°C (41°F).

Extended detection

Mini probes and perimeter cables increase your coverage area in hard-to-reach areas. You might for instance want to closely monitor the entire circumference of your water heater.

Just water. Not dampness.

Sensors detect water, not the normal humidity variations found in houses or commercial buildings. No need to manage unnecessary valve shutoffs.

Protection from oxidation

Sensor probes are gold plated to prevent oxidation. Their reliability is ensured, even after many years of protecting the building from damaging leaks.