Having an impact
in the world

NOWA is helping preserve the planet by eliminating water-related damage.

We’re joining the roster of the world’s most innovative companies in our efforts to protect our natural and human resources.


There’s just one Earth.

NOWA’s purpose is to protect property owners and tenants from the number one cause of insurance claims in Canada. But underlying this primary mission is a much greater quest: helping preserve our planet’s resources.

Reduce waste

Every year, water damage is the number one expense for Canadian insurers. It also wastes vast quantities of clean water and creates construction waste. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire chain of impacts caused by water damage.

Our positive impact

With our preventive solutions, we help ease the strain on our planet. Here’s NOWA’s positive impact each year:

$1 billion

Up to $1 billion in potential claims, generating a proportional reduction of natural resources used for reconstruction

350,000 metric tons

Up to 350,000 metric tons of garbage kept out of landfills

30 million liters

Up to 30 million liters of clean water saved—the equivalent of 100 above-ground pools


Our value is measured by the positive impact we have on people.

We want our company to be a good corporate citizen and have a positive impact on our partners and employees. Our commitment to the wider community is just another step in that direction. NOWA has supported several nonprofit foundations and organizations for a number of years, and works to promote health and physical fitness among teens and young adults.

Member of the PREVDEQ

As a member of Quebec’s water damage prevention association, NOWA contributes to its mission to inform the public about the solutions that are out there, to improve the quality of the products and services that are available and to make representations to casualty insurers and government authorities.

Proud partner of community organizations

For years, NOWA has been supporting several foundations and not-for-profit organizations, and has been promoting youth health and physical activity.

  • Fondation de l'athlète d'excellence du Québec
  • Opération Enfant Soleil