Managing and controlling NOWA 4S water damage prevention systems in condos, multi-unit housing, or commercial buildings has never been easier. We’ve developed the app for owners, building managers, and installers.

The PRESENCE app is available
in both mobile and web versions.

Are you a condo manager?

You’ll have access to more features, so you can easily manage all the properties in your service plan.

Modify the configuration, manage your systems, and get an overview of the equipment for your building. View systems by address, floor, or unit. Generate the annual and monthly reports required by your insurer or condo syndicate. View the system status for all members or clients. Have all the information you need to take preventive action, right at your fingertips. All the features have been designed to meet your needs as an administrator.

Are you an owner and single user?

Open and shut off your valve from anywhere. View system status and history.

There’s a reason PRESENCE is considered the most advanced water damage prevention app. Everything has been designed and redesigned to provide a simple, intuitive, and functional user experience.

And we’re not done yet. We continue to improve that experience based on user feedback. New features are always being developed, and the interface is constantly fine-tuned to improve quality.

The most advanced condo management platform

Accessible 24/7, from anywhere. Synchronized in real time with the portal in the cloud.

Data presented in graphs. Modern and intuitive design. Easy and enjoyable to use.

Hosted entirely in Canada on secure servers. Redundancy data protection.

Keep an eye on system status.

The dashboard gives you a full overview of your system status, at a glance. All your equipment is there: valves, sensors, and the panel. You get the peace of mind of knowing that everything will work when it really counts.

Close the valves remotely.

Leaving for a few days? No problem! You can shut off the valves directly from the panel or remotely with your smartphone, from anywhere.

Locate the source of issues and alerts.

If there’s an issue somewhere, you can easily see which sensor is involved. And since your sensors are named based on their location on the property, you know exactly where it is.

Go back and see what happened.

The event history provides detailed reports that you can customize. We use precise classification criteria, so you can isolate the data based on a building, floor, property, piece of equipment, and so on. And by adding filters, you can refine your search based on a specific type of event or time period.

Get easy-to-understand notifications about events, right when you need them.

The system will not bombard you with unnecessary alerts. You only receive important notifications. You’ll be notified when a water leak or a problem with your system is detected. Once everything is under control, you’ll also be told that the system has been restored.

Multilayer account management, perfectly secure for everyone.

The various levels of secure access protect co-owners, the syndicate, and the integrity of the building. Syndicates have access to overall building management, while owners are limited to their own system.

Record management

Find all the key documents condo syndicates need.

Proof for the insurer

You have 24/7 access to the NOWA official installation certificate, in case you need to send it to your insurer.

Monthly and annual reports

You can download monthly and annual reports from the online portal or the mobile app.

User guides and miscellaneous manuals

You can access all the manuals and guides for the systems and the various components.

Are you an installer?

Wondering what the PRESENCE app can do for you?

You have access to an administrator account that allows you to configure new systems.

You can easily add, configure, or modify systems. In short, the app is designed to help you do your job as efficiently as possible.


Ask for a presentation to your condo syndicate.